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Arcane Supergirl - Herald of Rao
Arcane Supergirl Character Model
Role Blaster
Universe Arcane
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Arcane Supergirl Daughter of Rao Arcane Supergirl Breath of Rao Arcane Supergirl Firewall Arcane Supergirl Pyrolyze Arcane Supergirl Rao's Wrath


On the day Kara Zor-El was to be inducted into the ranks of Heralds of Rao, her life was shattered. A traitor revealed the location of the Shrouded Realm of Krypton to the Black, and servants of that evil realm poured into Krypton. The Hidden Lords of Krypton and the Kryptonians fought back bravely, but the forces of the Black were limitless.

When all hope seemed lost, Alura, Kara's mother and leader of the Heralds, commanded her Flamebird mount to snatch Kara away. Unable to escape the beast's talons, Kara watched helplessly as her mother was struck down. The servants of the Black closed in on her as the beast teleported to Earth, a planet in the lower realms.

Her home forever lost, Kara swore that no matter the cost, Rao’s last Herald would have revenge on the Black.

Ability Name Ability Description

Daughter of Rao
Arcane Supergirl Daughter of Rao

When Arcane Supergirl uses a skill, her next Basic Attack will set her target on fire, dealing additional Power Damage over time.

Breath of Rao
Arcane Supergirl Breath of Rao

Arcane Supergirl places a fireball that increases in range and speed over time. It then releases, dealing Power Damage to all enemies hit. Use the skill again to fire early. If the breath passes through a Firewall, then its damage is increased.

Arcane Supergirl Firewall

Arcane Supergirl creates a wall of fire at the target location. Enemies within the wall take Power Damage over time and lose Move Speed. If Pyrolyze or Breath of Rao pass through the Firewall, Firewall's cooldown is reduced.

Arcane Supergirl Pyrolyze

Arcane Supergirl launches a fireball, Stunning the first enemy hit for a very short time and dealing Power Damage. If the missile passes through Firewall, then it will apply a longer Stun.

Rao's Wrath
Arcane Supergirl Rao's Wrath

Arcane Supergirl summons a firebird that smashes into the ground after a brief delay, dealing Power Damage in an area. This skill can be used up to 3 times within a short time.



  • "I am the eternal flame that shines against the Black."


  • "I am Rao's last herald."
  • "It's too cold on Earth."
  • "For Rao."
  • "For the House of El."
  • "For Krypton."
  • "Raised in fire."
  • "This realm is strange to me."
  • "My mother's sacrifice must not be in vain."
  • "I must burn away the darkness."
  • "Earth is home to Rao's flame now."
  • "The eternal flame will prevail."

Learning Rao's Wrath

  • "The eternal light of Rao will purge the Black."

Defeating enemy champion

  • "You were found wanting."
  • "Flame is all-consuming."
  • "Your wickedness was weighed and measured."

Low health

  • "I will not fail you, mother."


  • "Rao rises from the ashes anew."


  • "Come closer to the flame, little moth."


  • "Fire, good; world ending darkness, bad."

Champion Profile

Champion Unmasked Arcane Supergirl

Champion Unmasked Arcane Supergirl

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