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Atomic Green Lantern - The Light that Burns
Atomic Green Lantern Character Model 2
Role Enforcer
Universe Atomic
Price 5050 Merit or 575 Crisis Coins

Atomic Green Lantern Radiation Sickness Atomic Green Lantern Grab Atomic Green Lantern Scorched Earth Atomic Green Lantern Shards of Will Atomic Green Lantern Meltdown


Haunted by the fiery destruction of civilization, Atomic Green Lantern lives his final days to restore hope to Earth.

Hal Jordan was desperately searching ruins for survivors when his ring mysteriously deactivated. His construct shattered, dropping several tons of overhead rubble. He awoke in a makeshift clinic to find his right arm amputated and his ring embedded in his chest. Weeks later a shadowy figure offered to restore Hal's depowered ring using a new radioactive isotope. He agreed without question, but the cost was great: a briefer and more painful existence.

Forming a construct arm as replacement for his amputation, Atomic Green Lantern melts his enemies with deadly radiation and explosive brute force.

Ability Name Ability Description

Radiation Sickness
Atomic Green Lantern Radiation Sickness

Damaging an enemy with a skill applies a stack of Radiation Sickness. At four stacks, all stacks are consumed and the enemy loses Move Speed, is dealt Power Damage over time, and is immune to further stacks for a brief time. Trigger: Striking an enemy with a Basic Attack applies a stack of Radiation Sickness.

Atomic Green Lantern Grab

Atomc Green Lantern shoots out his construct hand to grab the first enemy hit. They are dealt Power Damage, pulled back to him, and stunned for a short time.

Scorched Earth
Atomic Green Lantern Scorched Earth

Atomic Green Lantern deals Power Damage to nearby enemies. This leaves a crater that explodes after a moment, dealing Power Damage again to all enemies in the area.

Shards of Will
Atomic Green Lantern Shards of Will

Atomic Green Lantern gains a shield that blocks damage. Nearby enemies with Radiation Sickness have an additional stack added, and the shield is increased in strength for each enemy affected: Champions add more strength, drones and creatures add less.

Atomic Green Lantern Meltdown

Meltdown attaches to a target, then pulses for one second. Each pulse deals Power Damage and applies Radiation Sickness in an area. If the target dies or gains four stacks of Radiation Sickness, Meltdown will move to a nearby enemy. Meltdown lasts for a set number of pulses.



  • "I will save my world, no matter the cost."

Match start

  • "Argh! It's not over yet!"


  • "There's no going back..."
  • "If I must."


  • "I can still... do some good..."

Defeating enemy Champion

  • "Everything turns to ash!"

Leveling up

  • "I will master this power!"

Using Meltdown



Champion Profile

Champion Profile Atomic Green Lantern

Champion Profile Atomic Green Lantern

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