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Atomic Poison Ivy - Mistress of the Toxic Forest
Atomic Poison Ivy character model
Role Enforcer
Universe Atomic
Price 4350 Merit or 495 Crisis Coins

ToxicGrowthIcon PoisonedEarthIcon BrambleRaptureIcon WallOfThorns SecretsOfTheForestIcon

As the radioactive fallout of the nuclear war withered the world's plant life, Pamela Isley was overwhelmed by the 'screams' of the dying plants and fell into a catatonic state. Upon awakening, she found herself transformed into something more plant than woman, and surrounded by a strange forest of mutated vegetation that had adapted to the bleak radioactive landscape. She realized she now had a connection to the plants that had survived, almost as if she could feel their thoughts and will. This connection to the 'Green' brought about an epiphany in her. She was now the defender of what plants remained. Through her, man would learn to fear nature, and she would ensure that man would never threaten the green again.

Although possessing a striking beauty, Atomic Poison Ivy does not wield seduction as a weapon. Instead, she uses her radioactively gifted powers to protect herself, obscure her allies, and entrap and or poison her foes.

Ability Name Ability Description

Toxic Growth

If Atomic Poison Ivy takes no damage for 10s, she will gain a Shield that blocks 60 damage. While Shielded, enemies that Basic Attack her have Toxic Growth applied to them for 5 seconds. She applies Toxic Growth to any target she damages with a skill, or if the target already has Toxic Growth, her skills consume it for bonus effects.

Poisoned Earth

Atomic Poison Ivy deals 40 Power Damage to all enemies in an area around her.

Toxic Growth: Targets with Toxic Growth are dealt an additional 50% Power Damage

Bramble Rapture

Atomic Poison Ivy deals 50 Power Damage and Roots her target for 1.25s.

Toxic Growth: Using this skill against a target with Toxic Growth grants her 20% Move Speed for 1.5s

Wall of Thorns

After a short delay, Atomic Poison Ivy summons a wall for 3s. Enemies that touch the wall lose 40% Move Speed, which decays over 3s.

Toxic Growth: Enemies with Toxic Growth are also dealt 70 Power Damage over 3s.

Secrets of the Forest

Atomic Poison Ivy shrouds an area around her in fog for 10s. She and allies within the area gain 10 Power Armor. Allies within the fog are Stealthed as if in a Stealth Pad, but she remains visible.

She applies Toxic Growth to enemies in the area every second.


  • "We are the Earth's revenge." (champion select)
  • "We will always return." (respawning)
  • "Your death FEEDS us." (killing enemy Champion)
  • "Transforming!" (levelling up/new ability)
  • "WE KEEP THE FOREST SECRETS!" (using ultimate ability)


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Atomic Poison Ivy

Champion Profile Atomic Poison Ivy

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