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Atomic Wonder Woman - The Reclaimer
Atomic Wonder Woman Character Model 2
Role Assassin
Universe Atomic
Price 5050 Merit or 575 Crisis Coins

Atomic Wonder Woman Rev Atomic Wonder Woman Vault Atomic Wonder Woman Smite Atomic Wonder Woman Savage Sweep Atomic Wonder Woman Reclaimer


With unwavering hope and a chainsaw of justice, Atomic Wonder Woman carves a path to victory.

The Cold War reaches full tilt, and Earth's Superpowers hold their fingers over the button. Wonder Woman’s mission to forge peace is shattered by an object from space. It explodes above a small town in Kansas, sparking World War III, and no city or nation escapes from the nuclear firestorm. In the aftermath worldwide devastation, Wonder Woman realizes her mission is now one of restoration.

A melee Assassin who builds momentum by revving up her chainsaw, Atomic Wonder Woman boosts her powers with expert timing.

Ability Name Ability Description

Rev Atomic Wonder Woman Rev

Atomic Wonder Woman gains 1 Rev when she deals damage with a skill. When she has 2 Rev, she is Revved and her next skill has additional effects, but Resets her Rev to 0. When she reaches full Rev, she gains Move Speed for as short time. She loses a point of Rev every few seconds. Dealing damage resets this decay.

Vault Atomic Wonder Woman Vault

Atomic Wonder Woman leaps to the targeted area dealing Attack Damage in the area. Revved: For a few seconds after using Vault with a Revved bonus, Vault can be used a second time.

Smite Atomic Wonder Woman Smite

Atomic Wonder Woman's next Basic Attack deals additional Attack Damage. Revved: Her next Basic Attack deals additional Attack Damage. Using this skill resets your Basic Attack Cooldown.

Savage Sweep Atomic Wonder Woman Savage Sweep

Atomic Wonder Woman deals Attack Damage in a cone. Enemies on the outer edge of the cone take additional Attack Damage over time, and lose Move Speed. Revved: Savage Sweep changes from a cone into a circle, and all targets hit are hit as if they were on in the edge of the cone.

Reclaimer Atomic Wonder Woman Reclaimer

Atomic Wonder Woman runs to a targeted Champion, becoming immune to Disables for a duration. When she reaches her target she deals Attack Damage and fills her Rev meter. During her charge, her target is revealed in the fog of war and in stealth pads.



  • "I'll fix my broken world, one fight at a time."


  • "The world is counting on me."
  • "We cannot afford to lose."
  • "Sounds like a plan."
  • "Let's go."
  • "On it."
  • "Great plan."


  • (Draws a line in the ground with her chainsaw) "Cross that line. I dare you."


  • "Who wants a haircut?" (revs chainsaw)


  • "I'm heading home."


  • "I will not fail! Not again!"
  • "Never give up."

Defeating enemy champion

  • "They're to be done!"

Levelling up

  • "I can't stop now!"

Using Vault

  • "Come here!"

Learning Reclaimer

  • "Let's reclaim this world!"

Using Reclaimer

  • "I'm coming for you!"


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Atomic Wonder Woman

Champion Profile Atomic Wonder Woman

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