Bleed Portal is an artifact, an experimental device derived from Monitor technology. It is capable of accessing the bleed to create a tunnel between two points in space. The connection is unstable, collapsing violently and destroying whatever objects it was anchored to.


Build: 500 Credits

Salvage: 250 Credits

Bleed Tunneling: Target an environmental object to set the entrance, then target a second environment item to set the exit making a portal which allies can use to travel through by right clicking, can only go from entrance to exit, lasts 60 seconds and has a cooldown of 120 seconds.

This artifact is not consumed after creating a tunnel.

The champion needs to walk next to the environmental objects to mark both the entrance and the exit. Right click to use the tunnel. It requires a few seconds of channeling that is interrupted by combat or movement, although the champion would instantly appear at the exit once the channel is complete.

Bleed tunnel

A champion using a Bleed Portal.

Creating a portal does not refresh the duration of temporary environmental objects, such as those created by Meteor Drop (120 seconds) or Mecha Superman's abilities (10 seconds). They will disappear as normal when their own timer expires. When they disappear, or when one of the objects are destroyed by Detonate, Consume or Super Strength (which only destroys the object on the spot without giving you the option to throw it), the bleed tunnel collapses and destroys the other connected environmental object as well.

There is no limit as to how long the champion takes between marking the entrance or exit, although the cooldown would only start when the exit is marked and the tunnel is formed.

It is possible to activate Rip Hunter's Time Pack before using a Bleed Portal, giving you the option to blink back to the entrance of the bleed tunnel once you arrive at the exit.