Players can choose from one of many different types of champions in Infinite Crisis. Each champion is from a different universe. Champions are unique in their own right despite sharing similar qualities. No champion is considered better than any other.

There are six types of champions: Assassins, Blasters, Bruisers, Controllers, Enforcers, and Marksmen. Out of 41 available champions, there are 5 Assassins, 7 Blasters, 8 Bruisers, 6 Controllers, 9 Enforcers and 6 Marksmen.

Batman (Prime) (Assassin), Gaslight Batman (Marksman), Doomsday (Bruiser), Green Lantern (Blaster), Harley Quinn (Controller) and Wonder Woman (Enforcer) are unlocked during the tutorial.

Six other champions are free to play at any time.

Role Current free champion
Assassin All
Blaster All
Bruiser All
Controller All
Enforcer All
Marksman All


Champions gain experience as you use them in matches. Upon reaching level 5 and when the champion is bought, their unique Stolen Power is unlocked for you to use on any champion.

Champion Frames can be unlocked by reaching certain levels on the champion: bronze at level 5, silver at level 10, gold at level 15 and diamond at level 20. Additionally, the champion portrait will be unlocked as an account icon when the champion reaches level 20.
Bronze Champion Frame

A bronze Champion Frame.

All Assassins, Bruisers and Enforcers have melee basic attacks, while all Marksmen and Controllers have ranged basic attacks. Most Blasters also have ranged basic attacks, except Catwoman.

All Assassins and Bruisers scale with Attack Damage while all Blasters, Controllers and Enforcers scale with Power Damage. Most Marksmen also scale with Attack Damage, except Mecha Wonder Woman and Gaslight Batman, classified as Hybrid Damage Champions.

During early May, a bug caused several unreleased champions to be playable, and is confirmed by IC staff. The leaked champions include Deathstroke, Dex-starr, Nightmare Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, and Zod.


Champion Role Universe Appearance
Aquaman Bruiser Prime Aquaman art

Arcane Green Lantern

Enforcer Arcane Sp arcane green lantern

Arcane Supergirl

Blaster Arcane A7e46767dd34378503a502993688f47b

Atomic Green Lantern

Enforcer Atomic Atomicgl
Atomic Joker Marksman Atomic Thumbnail 27
Atomic Poison Ivy Enforcer Atomic Atomicpi

Atomic Wonder Woman

Assassin Atomic Atomic wonder woman splah character art


Enforcer Prime Atrocitus character art

Batman (Prime)

Assassin Prime Batman prime
Blue Beetle Marksman Prime Blue Beetle Art

Catwoman (Prime)

Blaster Prime Ct


Marksman Prime CyborgIcon


Bruiser Prime Doomsday Concept Art


Assassin Prime FlashArt

Gaslight Batman

Marksman Gaslight InfiniteCrisisWPGaslightBatman

Gaslight Catwoman

Assassin Gaslight GLCatwomanArtFull

Gaslight Joker

Enforcer Gaslight GLJokerFull
Green Arrow Marksman Prime Green Arrow art

Green Lantern (Prime)

Blaster Prime GreenLanternArtFull

Harley Quinn

Controller Prime Hq
Hawkgirl Bruiser Prime Hawkgirl art

The Joker

Blaster Prime Infinite Crisis Joker Key Art
Katana Bruiser Prime Katana Prime Character Art
Krypto Controller Prime Krypto Prime Art 16x10
Lex Luthor Blaster Prime Lex Luthor Champion Art
Mecha Superman Enforcer Mecha Mecha Superman concept art

Mecha Wonder Woman

Marksman Mecha Mecha wonder woman art

Nightmare Batman

Bruiser Nightmare 1920x1080 nightmarebatman 01
Nightmare Robin Assassin Nightmare Thumbnail 26
Nightmare Superman Controller Nightmare Nightmare superman art

Poison Ivy (Prime)

Controller Prime IvyArtFull
Robin (Prime) Bruiser Prime Infinite Crisis Robin Concept Art Prime


Enforcer Prime ShazamArtFull
Sinestro Blaster Prime Sinestro concept art
Solomon Grundy Enforcer Prime Solomon Grundy Champion Art
Stargirl Blaster Prime Stargirl Concept Art
Starro Controller Prime Starro Splash
Star Sapphire Blaster Prime Star Sapphire Concept Art
Supergirl (Prime) Bruiser Prime Supergirl concept art
Superman (Prime) Bruiser Prime Superman infinite Crisis art

Swamp Thing

Enforcer Prime Swamp Thing art

Wonder Woman (Prime)

Enforcer Prime InfiniteCrisisWPWonderWoman


Controller Prime InfiniteCrisisWPZatanna


  • Champions that are currently free to play are marked with a green triangle at the top-right corner of their portrait in the game client.
  • It appears that the six champions unlocked during tutorial do not appear on the free champion rotation. During the time when all champions are free to play, their portraits lack the green triangle. Champions otherwise unlocked do have the green triangle, however.
  • Champions are sorted strictly by alphabetical order according to their full name on the Infinite Crisis site. For example, Atomic Joker is between Atomic Green Lantern and Atomic Poison Ivy. However, in the Infinite Crisis game client they are sorted by their main name, with the Prime universe version being first, and all others directly after them. For example, in this case Atomic Joker is between The Joker and Gaslight Joker. Adding more to the confusion is the fact that the site counts The Joker as starting with a "T", which puts him between Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman, and the client counts his name as starting with a "J", putting him and the alternate versions of him between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
  • Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, Mecha Superman, Wonder Woman (Prime), and Gaslight Batman are currently featured on the Infinite Crisis login screen.
AssassinAssassins: Atomic Wonder Woman Batman Flash Gaslight Catwoman Nightmare Robin

BlasterBlasters: Arcane Supergirl Catwoman Green Lantern Lex Luthor Sinestro Star Sapphire Stargirl The Joker

BruiserBruisers: Aquaman Doomsday Hawkgirl Nightmare Batman Robin Supergirl Superman

ControllerControllers: Harley Quinn Krypto Nightmare Superman Poison Ivy Starro Zatanna

EnforcerEnforcers: Arcane Green Lantern Atomic Green Lantern Atomic Poison Ivy Atrocitus Gaslight Joker Mecha Superman Shazam Solomon Grundy Swamp Thing Wonder Woman

MarksmanMarksmen: Atomic Joker Blue Beetle Cyborg Gaslight Batman Green Arrow Mecha Wonder Woman