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Cyborg - Human Arsenal
Cyborg Character Model 2 cropped
Role Marksman
Universe Prime
Price 5050 Merit or 575 Crisis Coins

Cyborg Cybernetic Targeting Cyborg Tracer Shot Cyborg Charged Burst Cyborg Cascade Cyborg Plasma Cannon


Victor 'Vic' Stone only ever wanted to please his father, a brilliant scientist who couldn't appreciate his son's impressive athletic skills. Sadly, tragedy mutilated the star quarterback and in a desperate attempt to save his son's life, his father implanted him with experimental prosthetics. The procedure worked, but Vic quickly discovered he could not resume his old life. But the cybernetics granted him incredible abilities that quickly garnered the attention of the world's greatest super heroes and he finally found some solace when he joined the Justice League. After many adventures Vic seems to be finally accepting his situation and now mentors young heroes.

Vic's prosthetics grant him tremendous resilience. In addition, over the years, Vic's prosthetics have been upgraded with alien technology, and he is now able to morph his body as needed. For instance, he can form his arms into cannons or blades in combat.

Ability Name Ability Description

Cybernetic Targeting
Cyborg Cybernetic Targeting

Every four Basic Attacks deals a percentage of the targets Maximum Health as bonus Attack Damage. When targeting drones and creatures, this damage bonus has a cap.

Tracer Shot
Cyborg Tracer Shot

Cyborg fires a burst of energy. It deals Attack Damage to every enemy it hits, and applies Trace Energy Effect for a short time. Cyborg's basic attacks deal additional attack damage when attacking enemies with Trace Energy.

Charged Burst
Cyborg Charged Burst

Nearby enemies lose Move Speed for a short time. Targets with the Trace Energy effect are dealt Attack Damage, and their move speed penalty is doubled.

Cyborg Cascade

Cyborg gains Move Speed and Attack Speed for a few seconds. While this skill is active, Basic Attacks against targets with the Trace Energy Effect increase duration of Cascade by 1, up to a maximum.

Plasma Cannon
Cyborg Plasma Cannon

Cyborg fires a massive blast in front of him, dealing Attack Damage to all enemies in the area, and pushing Cyborg back a short distance. For a few seconds after the blast, Cyborg's Basic Attacks pierce through targets, firing their full range and damaging all enemies in line.



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Champion Profile

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