Updated 6/24/2014 added to stats

Fragment of Mogo

Fragment mogo

Build: 1500 Credits

Salvage: 1125 Credits

+150 Health

+40 Attack Armor

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 750 Credits --- Total 2250

Salvage: 1690 Credits

+200 Health

+50 Attack Armor

3rd Tier

Build: 2nd Tier +750 Credits --- Total 3000

Salvage: 2250 Credits

+200 Health

+50 Attack Armor

Unique Active - Burning Core: Activate to instantly deal 50 Power Damage to all nearby enemies, deals an addition 30-15 decaying power damage each second for 15 seconds. 90 second Cooldown. (this doesn't quite make sense as logic would state each second of affliction does 1 less damage, however for the first second to deal 30 and the last second to deal 15, actually requires 16 seconds. i'm considering it to be dealt over the 16 seconds and thus does a total of 410 Power damage including the instant damage.)

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