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Gaslight Joker - The Laughing Butcher
Role Enforcer
Universe Gaslight
Price 400 Merit or 150 Crisis Coins

GLJokerBloodMoneyIcon GLJokerFetidCleaverIcon Ham Toss Snack Time GLJokerRatSwarm

The prosperous Age of Invention's most infamous serial killer, Gaslight Joker butchers his opponents with a bloody cleaver and swarms of starving rats.

Word traveled through Gotham of a "Laughing Butcher" who, with a joke and smile, led unsuspecting street dwellers beneath his shop to feed his pet rats. Batman heard these tales and sought this butcher out. The butcher fled and, in his flight, plummeted into a vat of chemicals. His face bleached and frozen into a mad mocking grin, he was transformed into "the Joker".

Gaslight Joker wades into fights with sweeping strikes of cleaver and ham, often followed by his “pets,” a ravenous swarm of starving rats.

Ability Name Ability Description

Blood Money

Trigger (Cooldown: 10s) - Whenever a Credit is collected or a drone/creature is last hit near Gaslight Joker, he regains 15/30/45/60 (+2% Bonus Health) over 5s, and he permanently gains 3/6/9/12 Max Health, up to a maximum of 90/180/270/360 Max Health. If he dies, this increase is halved.

Fetid Cleaver

Reset Basic Attack cooldown. While activated, Gaslight Joker's next Basic Attack deals an additional 40/60/80/100 Power Damage (+ 4% Bonus Health, + 40% Power Damage), applies Filthy, and grants him 2% of Max Health.

Ham Toss
Ham Toss

Gaslight Joker tosses his ham at the ground, dealing 50/95/140/185 Power Damage (+ 45% Power Damage) in the area. Damaged enemy Champions are Feared (forced to flee) for 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3s. Drones and creatures are Stunned. All targets also receive the Filthy effect for 3s.

Snack Time!
Snack Time

For 1s, Gaslight Joker gains a Skill Shield that prevents the damage and effects of the next enemy skill that hits him.

When a skill is blocked, Snack Time's cost is refunded and he gains 20/30/40/50% Move Speed.

His Move Speed fades back to normal over 2s. If he has a Skill Shield from another source, both Skill Shields will be consumed when they block a skill.

Rat Swarm

A horde of rats fills the area around Gaslight Joker and follow him. Enemies in the swarm are Slowed and take Power Damage over time. Rat Swarm deals increased damage to targets with the Filthy effect.  The cost of Rat Swarm is decreased for each enemy champion in the swarm.


Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight Gaslight Joker-1

Champion Spotlight Gaslight Joker-1

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