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Harley Quinn - Mad Love
Harley Quinn Prime Infinite Crisis Character Model
Role Controller
Universe Prime
Price Play Gotham

Heights vs. AI


Harley Quinn BFFs Harley Quinn Pies! Harley Quinn Back Off Harley Quinn Best Medicine Harley Quinn Pudding Time!

A former therapist fascinated by psychosis, Harleen Quinzel's love for madness drove her mad with love. When Harley Quinn's fascination with the Joker transformed into adoration, she went from being his therapist to being his accomplice. Several years of the Joker's vicious love drew out her inner madness until she felt she was finally her “true self." Yet in time, Harley grew tired of the Joker’s abuse and left him to become an almost equally notorious criminal. But no matter what, she'll always have a soft spot for her "Puddin'." A gifted gymnast with increased strength and agility, Harley supports with humorous heals and damages with deadly peels. 
Ability Name Ability Description

Harley Quinn BFFs

Whenever Harley executes a skill, she gains Attack Speed and Decaying Move Speed for 3s. If an ally is nearby, the ally also receives the boosts.

Decaying Move Speed: 10% / 12.5% / 15% / 17.5% + 1% per 333 Bonus Will

Attack Speed: 10% / 12.5% / 15% / 17.5% + 1% per 333 Bonus Will

Harley Quinn Pies!

Harley throws pies at three targets close to her. Each pie deals Power Damage.

Back Off
Harley Quinn Back Off

Harley Quinn knocks a targeted enemy Champion back and deals Power Damage.

Best Medicine
Harley Quinn Best Medicine

Target allied Champion regains Health and receives BFFs effect.

Puddin' Time!
Harley Quinn Pudding Time!

Harley smashes her hammer onto the ground, dealing Attack Damage in a cone. Enemies caught up in the cone are knocked up.



  • "Ha! Let's put the fun in funeral!"

Match start

  • "If they don't get the joke, they'll still get the punchline!"


  • "Leave it to me."
  • "This will be great!"

Low health

  • "I'm dying over here!"

Defeating enemy champion

  • "Sweet dreams, sucker!"


  • "I'm out of here."


  • "This will be great!"
  • "Time for a bigger hammer."
  • "Aww..."


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Harley Quinn

Champion Profile Harley Quinn

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