Huntress' Crossbow is an Attack Damage/Attack Speed artifact that also deal % current health damage on the final tier, and is mostly suited to Marksmen, particularly those who can boost their attack speed significantly, such as Mecha Wonder Woman.

1st Tier

Huntress' Crossbow 1

Build: 1250 Credits

Salvage: 940 Credits

+ 20 Attack Damage

+ 15% Attack Speed

2nd Tier

Huntress' Crossbow 2

Build: 1st Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 2250

Salvage: 1690 Credits

+ 40 Attack Damage

+ 20% Attack Speed

3rd Tier

Huntress' Crossbow

Build: 2nd Tier + 750 Credits --- Total 3000

Salvage: 2250 Credits

+ 50 Attack Damage

+ 30% Attack Speed


Your Basic Attacks deal 5% of your target's current Health as bonus Attack Damage. (Max 100 vs creatures and drones)


  • Huntress' Crossbow is the similar to the League of Legends item, Blade of the Ruined King. They both grant Attack Damage, Attack Speed and a passive that deals % current health damage with basic attacks.