Krypton is a planet who is mostly known as being Superman's home planet before he is sent to Earth by Jor-El prior to its destruction.


Below is a list of in-game residents.

Prime Universe

  • Superman - The most known resident.
  • Supergirl - Superman's cousin.
  • Doomsday - The creature was born and made what he is today in Krypton.
  • Krypto - Created by Jor-El to serve as a companion for Kal-El by altering a normal Kryptonian dog.

Nightmare Universe

Mecha Universe

  • Mecha Superman - Mecha Superman is the result of the fusion of an Earth agro-industrial mechanoid with a damaged Kryptonian probe.

Atomic Universe

At this moment, none.

Arcane Universe

Gaslight Universe

At this moment, none.

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