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Mecha Superman - The Agent of Hope
Mecha Superman Champion Model 2
Role Enforcer
Universe Mecha
Price 5050 Merit or 575 Crisis Coins

Mecha Superman Agent of Hope Mecha Superman Drill Attack Mecha Superman Sunstone Eruption Mecha Superman Fissure Mecha Superman Terraformer


Mecha Superman is the result of the fusion of an Earth agro-industrial mechanoid with a damaged Kryptonian probe. The crashed probe was discovered by a young Clark Kent, who connected it to the farm's Agrobot to try to download its data. The probe quickly reconfigured the bot into a humanoid shape, and explained its origin and purpose to the amazed Clark. He dubbed the bot 'K.A.L.', for Kryptonian Artificial Life-form, and hid it from his parents. Eventually, they discovered K.A.L's existence, but seeing that the bot only wished to continue its mission of exploration, agreed to keep it hidden.

Clark took it upon himself to teach K.A.L. what it meant to be human. One of Clark's favorite methods was through playing the 'Superman' game. Superman was an imaginary, nearly invulnerable hero created by Clark. In the game, Clark - as Superman - would always save the day, righting wrongs and saving innocents from the evil 'Metallo,' an imaginary villain always played by K.A.L. However, no matter how many times they played the game, K.A.L. never quite understood its point.

One tragic day, returning home from school, Clark was killed at the hands of a drunk driver. Initially, K.A.L. couldn't process the idea that Clark was gone forever. However, as it saw Clark's parents struggle with their grief, K.A.L. finally understood the simple and terrible truth behind Clark's game: bad things happen, and the world needs a Superman to protect it.

Although his hulking robotic form would indicate otherwise, Mecha Superman possesses a curious and trusting nature. His remarkable intellect allows him to adapt quickly to any situation, although at times his natural curiosity may distract him from the matter at hand.

Ability Name Ability Description

Agent of Hope
Mecha Superman Agent of Hope

Whenever Mecha Superman destroys an Enviormental Object, both those on the map and those he creates with his skills, he emanates an aura granting Attack Armor, Power Armor, and healing to nearby Champions for a few seconds. If at least one allied Champion is inside this aura, Mecha Superman will gain twice this healing amount for himself.

Drill Attack
Mecha Superman Drill Attack

Mecha Superman extends his Drill Lance, dealing Power Damage to all enemies in an area and Stunning them for a short time. Objects in the area are destroyed, applying Silence to nearby Champions.

Sunstone Eruption
Mecha Superman Sunstone Eruption

Mecha Superman stabs his drill into the ground, after a short delay it deals power Damage in an area and creates a Small Environmental Object that lasts for 10 seconds. Any other Small Environmental Objects in this area are destroyed, causing nearby enemies to be Knocked up.

Mecha Superman Fissure

Mecha Superman creates an impassable wall of rocks for a few seconds, as well as 2 small Environmental Objects that last for 10 seconds. Activating the skill a second time will dispel the wall early.

Mecha Superman Terraformer

Mecha Superman shakes the earth around him for several seconds, dealing Power Damage per second to nearby enemies, activating Agent of Hope and causing his basic attacks to create small Environmental Objects.



  • "This world needs a symbol. It needs the Superman."

Match start

  • "I bring hope. All is not lost."


  • "Yes."
  • "I know the drill."
  • "This is a task for the Superman."
  • "Anyone could make a difference."
  • "Cultivate a better tomorrow."
  • "Anyone could make a difference."

Learning Terraformer

  • "I will move mountains."


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Mecha Superman

Champion Profile Mecha Superman

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