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Mecha Wonder Woman - The Warden of Truth
Mecha Wonder Woman character model
Role Marksman
Universe Mecha
Price 2850 Merit or 375 Crisis Coins

Mecha Wonder Woman Implacable Judgement Mecha Wonder Woman Glaive Storm Mecha Wonder Woman Afterburn Mecha Wonder Woman Celerity Mecha Wonder Woman Tempest

Mecha Wonder Woman began life as D1A-NA, a diplomatic robot in service to Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the Amazon women of the island nation of Themyscira. Called the "Wonder Woman" by mass media, Hippolyta made it her life's work to forge a more peaceful world. D1A-NA was ever-present as the queen traveled the world and in time developed a personality that reflected the idealistic woman's feelings on justice and equality. Sadly, while accompanying Hippolyta on an errand of mercy, D1A-NA witnessed the horrific assassination of her queen at the hands of Doom Legion assassin bots. At that moment, she was transformed. An iron resolve developed within her, and she vowed to both avenge the queen’s death and continue her quest.
Ability Name Ability Description

Implacable Judgment
Mecha Wonder Woman Implacable Judgement

Each basic attack places one stack of Judgment on an enemy. At three stacks of judgement, they are consumed and the enemy takes bonus power damage.

Glaive Storm
Mecha Wonder Woman Glaive Storm

Launch a wide spread of chakram that deal Attack Damage to the first enemy hit, applying one stack of Implacable Judgment.

Mecha Wonder Woman Afterburn

Dash to a target location, leaving a trail of scorched earth that deals Power Damage to enemies who touch it.

Mecha Wonder Woman Celerity

A powerful Attack Speed boost. Place three stacks of Implacable Judgement on an enemy to increase its duration.

Mecha Wonder Woman Tempest

Mecha Wonder Woman blasts enemies with a cone for 2 seconds, dealing Attack Damage per second that scales with Power and Attack Damage.



  • "I will shine the light of truth on the battlefield."


  • "Scanning the area."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "The Doom Legion's end will come."
  • "Follow me."
  • "I will avenge my queen."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "I am an instrument of peace."
  • "I am true's champion."
  • "Justice will prevail."
  • "The time for dialogue is past."

Learning Tempest

  • "Tempest Mode unlocked."


  • "I am re-energized."

Defeating a champion

  • "Target neutralized."
  • "You left me no choice."
  • "This was inevitable."

Low health

  • "Diverting power to critical systems."


  • "Disengage."


  • "Stand aside, or face the harsh light of truth."


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Mecha Wonder Woman

Champion Profile Mecha Wonder Woman

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