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Nightmare Robin - Scourge of the Night
Nightmare Robin Character Model
Role Assassin
Universe Nightmare
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Agent nightmare robin hunger Agent nightmare robin arcing blades Agent nightmare robin backstab Agent nightmare robin unnatural reflexes Agent nightmare robin feed the beast


For millennia, the vampiric Ra's al Ghul has used his Guild of Assassins to manipulate the world from the shadows. Desiring his power for herself, his daughter Talia, who was also cursed with vampirism, continually struggled to depose her father. All of her efforts frustrated, she finally found the edge she needed, a man who was potent enough to challenge the Demon’s Head: Bruce Wayne.

Over many years she subtly drove Batman toward her ultimate goal; the destruction of her father. However, Talia’s hopes did not rest solely on the Batman. She created a child that was the union of her and Batman. She named the boy Damien, who was the perfect union of her father's vision and her love’s potential. Initially, she trained him in secret, but eventually allowed him to apprentice as Robin with her estranged lover and this is where her plans were frustrated once more.

Damien witnessed Batman’s final confrontation with his grandfather, and realized how deep his mother's manipulations went. Infected by his grandfather’s disease, Damian watched Batman, a man he had grown to love and respect, become a ravening monster. The ashes of his father’s humanity kindled a steely certainty that the blood within him could only birth monsters. A young man at war with himself, as he too feels the compulsions of the vampiric curse he gained from his mother, but is determined to scourge the filth of vampirism from the world.

Ability Name Ability Description

The Hunger

Agent nightmare robin hunger

Skills generate Hunger, which caps at 100. Hunger is spent by using Unnatural Reflexes on an enemy champion to activate Bloodlust. The Hunger provides reduced damage from basic attacks by enemy champions, unless suppressed by Bloodlust.

Arcing Blades Agent nightmare robin arcing blades

Nightmare Robin throws his blades in an arc, dealing Attack Damage once to each enemy caught in their path. Enemies hit where the blades intersect are Knocked Down for 1 second. Each consecutive enemy hit takes reduced damage from the blades.

Agent nightmare robin backstab

Nightmare Robin’s next basic attack deals additional Attack Damage and Wounds the target for a short time. Resets Nightmare Robin’s basic attack timer.

Unnatural Reflexes Agent nightmare robin unnatural reflexes

Nightmare Robin blinks to a target, appearing behind them and gaining Attack Speed for a few seconds. Blinking to an enemy: Gain Attack  Speed for 3 seconds, doubled if the enemy is Knocked Down. Blinking to an enemy champion: Enter Bloodlust, which temporarily suppresses The Hunger. **Bloodlust:** Gain Move Speed and deal additional Attack Damage with basic attacks and Impale from behind. Hunger decays  each second until reaching 0 Hunger and exiting Bloodlust.

Feed the Beast Agent nightmare robin feed the beast

Nightmare Robin leaps onto the target enemy champion, dealing Attack Damage plus a percent of their missing Health. If he defeats the target, Nightmare Robin is healed for a percent of their maximum Health. Feed the Beast provides immunity to disables.



  • "I own the night, as my father did before."


  • "I cannot rest."
  • "I will drive the nightmares from this world."
  • "Life is struggle."
  • "Fine."
  • "My blades thirst."
  • "My plan unfolds."
  • "The beast will not have me."
  • "Keep moving."
  • "This nightmare will end."
  • "Strike from the shadows."
  • "Hunting."
  • "I smell...blood."

Leveling up

  • "I grow ever stronger."

Low health

  • "I'm losing blood."


Learning Feed the Beast

  • "The beast hungers! It must be fed!"

Defeating a champion

  • "You failed your allies."
  • "I expected more."
  • "You did not know who you are dealing with."


  • "I will return."


  • "I will rend you to ash and memory."


  • (Nightmare Robin attaches his blade to his face) :I want to suck your blood!...Eh, vampires suck."


Champion Profile

Champion Unmasked Nightmare Robin

Champion Unmasked Nightmare Robin

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