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Nightmare Superman - The Phantom King
Nightmare Superman Character Model
Role Controller
Universe Nightmare
Price 5050 Merit or 575 Crisis Coins

Nightmare Superman possession Nightmare Superman Phantom Collector Nightmare Superman Vortex Nightmare Superman Siphon Nightmare Superman Condemn



Without warning, dozens of Phantom Zone portals shimmered into existence across Metropolis, and moments later hundreds of 'phantoms' began pouring out. Those touched by the phantoms faded from reality, and became phantoms themselves. Desperate to halt the invasion, and needing protection from the phantoms' touch, Superman retrieved an 'ecto-suit' built by his father Jor-El, and flew into one of the portals.

Within the Phantom Zone Superman battled Aethyr, a being unknowable and incomprehensible. Those who looked upon it were driven mad. Aethyr had slumbered within the depths of the Zone for millennia, but the arrival of hundreds of Kryptonian prisoners had slowly awakened it. Enraged, Aethyr enslaved the prisoners' minds, and drove them to seek those responsible for disturbing it: The House of El. As Superman and Aethyr battled, Aethyr weakened and eventually retreated to his eon-long slumber to heal. As it retreated back into the Phantom Zone's depths, the portals it had created winked out of existence. The world saved from the phantom invasion, Superman barely escaped through one of the portals.

Superman's victory, however, was a hollow one. While he had battled Aehtyr, every living soul in Metropolis had been transformed into a phantom. Their tortured minds cried out to him, and Superman's sanity – already in tatters – snapped. His mind unhinged, he now wanders his beloved Metropolis, the 'king' of a city of phantoms.

Nightmare Superman's battle in the Phantom Zone altered him, imbuing him with Phantom Zone energy. His broken mind believes he is still protecting Metropolis, and he mistakes innocents for villains long defeated. This has led to the deaths of many souls that have crossed his path.

Ability Name Ability Description

Possession Nightmare Superman possession

Upon being defeated, Nightmare Superman possesses the enemy Champion that defeated him, Revealing them and reducing their Power Armor and Attack Armor for a short time. If the target is defeated while Possession is active, Nightmare Superman is revived with a percentage of the target's Max Health. Each rank of Possession grants Nightmare Superman bonus Will.

Phantom Collector
Nightmare Superman Phantom Collector

Nightmare Superman summons a phantom at a target location that flies to him, dealing Power Damage and stealing Power Armor from enemy Champions. Upon returning to Nightmare Superman, all nearby allied Champions gain Power Armor for each enemy Champion hit for a short time.

Nightmare Superman Vortex

Nightmare Superman opens a Vortex that reduces the Move Speed of all enemies within the area. After a few seconds the vortex closes, dealing Power Damage, pulling all enemies in the area towards the center, and briefly stunning them. Nightmare Superman can activate this skill a second time, forcing the Vortex to close early and dealing Power Damage, depending on how long the Vortex has been open.

Nightmare Superman Siphon

If targeting an enemy champion, Nightmare Superman deals Power Damage and Grants a Shield to two allies near the target. If targeting an allied champion, Nightmare Superman grants a Shield and deals Power Damage to the two closest enemy Champions near the target.

Nightmare Superman Condemn

Nightmare Superman traps an enemy Champion in the Phantom Zone prison Suppressing them. On expiration, the prison explodes, reducing Move Speed of nearby enemies for a short time.



  • "The phantoms of Metropolis cry for vengeance."

Match start

  • "I warned you to leave me be!"


  • "The city screams."
  • "The Phantom Zone sustains me."
  • "Why can't I find her?"

Leveling up

  • "I didn't want this!"

Defeating enemy champion

  • "Join the fallen."
  • "The Phantom Zone awaits you."


  • "Why can't I rest?"


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Nightmare Superman

Champion Profile Nightmare Superman

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