The Psi-Scimitar is a hybrid damage item that grants bonus damage on the next basic attack upon using a skill.

Psi-Scimitar (1)


Build: 750 Credits

Salvage: 565 Credits

+10 Attack Damage

+20 Power Damage

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 1750

Salvage: 1315 Credits

+25 Attack Damage

+40 Power Damage

3rd Tier

Build: 2nd Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 2750

Salvage: 2065 Credits

+35 Attack Damage

+60 Power Damage

Skilled Attack: After using a skill your next attack will deal 25+25% your Power Damage or 100% your Attack Damage, 2 second cooldown, activating the item toggles it between the choices.


  • The item changes appearance depending on the toggle. It is orange when using Attack Damage and blue when using Power Damage. When bought, it defaults to Power Damage despite the orange shop icon. When the passive is activated, the champion's hands glow with the same colour scheme. It has no effect on turrets and will not be consumed.

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