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Shazam - Earth's Mightiest Mortal
Shazam Character Model 2 cropped
Role Enforcer
Universe Prime
Price 2850 Merit or 375 Crisis Coins

ShazamZeusPowerIcon MysticPowerIcon MysticDefenseIcon ShazamLightningFieldIcon ShazamShazamIcon

Gifted with the strength of ancient gods, Shazam wields amazing magical power to defend the weak.

A teenage orphan bounced from foster family to foster family, Billy Batson stood up to any injustice he witnessed. After observing Billy's selflessness, an ancient wizard granted him the ability to become a mighty warrior simply by shouting the word, "Shazam!" When uttered, that word calls down a bolt of magical lightning, which transforms and empowers him to stand for justice.

Shazam wants to be in the middle of the fight, disrupting and damaging the enemy team with his lightning, forcing them to deal with him before his more fragile allies.

Ability Name Ability Description

Power of Zeus

After every 2 Skill uses, Shazam will gain the Power of Zeus. In this state, his next primary Skill will be empowered and cost no Energy.

Mystic Power: First enemy hit will be Stunned for 0.50s.

Mystic Defence: Shazam's Armor is multiplied by 125%.

Lightning Field: Enemies within the field lose 40% Move Speed.

Mystic Power

Shazam fires a ball of lightning, dealing 40 Power Damage to the first target and 30 Power Damage to all other enemies the lightning chains to. Lightning can chain to up to 3 additional enemies.

Power of Zeus: First enemy hit will be Stunned for 0.50s.

Mystic Defense

Shazam gains 40 Attack Armor and 40 Power Armor for 3s.

Power of Zeus: Shazam's Armor is multiplied.

Lightning Field

A field of lightning emanates from Shazam, dealing Power Damage each second and Slowing enemies in the field.

Power of Zeus: Enemies within the field lose 40% Move Speed.


Shazam dashes to the target location and blasts the area around him dealing 150 Power Damage and all enemies hit by the blast will be Silenced for 1s.



  • "SHAZAM! Are they ready for Earth's mightiest mortal?"

Match start

  • "Hey, check this out! SHAZAM!"


  • "Champion of magic coming through!"


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