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Sinestro - The Fallen Lantern
Sinestro character model
Role Blaster
Universe Prime
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Sinestro Yellow Impurity Sinestro Saw-blade Sinestro Dread Scythe Sinestro Cull the Weak Sinestro Fear Incarnate


Thaal Sinestro was once a Green Lantern and close friend of his fellow Lantern, Abin Sur. After the monster Atrocitus murdered Abin, Sinestro became consumed with maintaining order in his sector, no matter the cost. Eventually, his sector became a police state, with the Green Lantern symbol being seen as a symbol of fear and oppression. When Sinestro’s actions were uncovered by Hal Jordan, Sinestro was put on trial by the Guardians. During his trial, he told the Guardians they were fools to trust the power of Will to maintain order. Order could only come through fear. Found guilty, Sinestro was banished to the antimatter universe. There he met the Weaponers, who forged him a new yellow ring powered by fear. Sinestro swore to use this ring to bring order to the universe and gain revenge against the Guardians and Jordan. The powers of Sinestro’s ring are nearly identical to a Green Lantern ring, except the constructs are yellow in color. However, due to the ring being powered by fear, Sinestro has the ability to tap into and manifest the fears of his enemies.

Ability Name Ability Description

Yellow Impurity Sinestro Yellow Impurity

Each of Sinestro’s skills mark their target with Yellow Impurity for 4 seconds, granting his skills bonuses when used on the target.

Saw Blade
Sinestro Saw-blade

Sinestro hurls a construct saw-blade, dealing Power Damage to the first enemy it hits. Targets with Yellow Impurity are dealt bonus Power Damage equal to a percent of their missing health. Bonus damage against creatures and drones is capped.

Dread Scythe
Sinestro Dread Scythe

Sinestro swings a construct scythe, dealing Power Damage to enemies in front of him. Targets with Yellow Impurity are silenced.

Cull the Weak
Sinestro Cull the Weak

Sinestro dashes to the target location, dealing Power Damage to all nearby enemies. Whenever Sinestro kills an enemy champion, Cull the Weak’s cooldown is reset. Targets with Yellow Impurity are dealt additional Power Damage.

Fear Incarnate
Sinestro Fear Incarnate

Sinestro launches the living embodiment of Fear, Parallax, at the enemy. If an enemy champion is struck, they are stunned and take power damage over time. Enemies that are close to the target are feared and have Yellow Impurity applied to them. If no enemy is struck, an area of fear is dropped at the target location. Enemies within the area are dealt Power Damage and are feared while having Yellow Impurity applied.



  • "I will create a symbol of terror that will wash over the universe."

Match start

  • "I will bring order to the universe."


  • "I can taste their fear."
  • "Weakness has no place in my universe."
  • "The yellow light will never fade."
  • "Beware my power!"
  • "Chaos and hedonism infest this universe."
  • "Let's get this over with."
  • "Control through fear."

Leaning Fear Incarnate

  • "I am fear incarnate!"

Using Saw-blade

  • "Cut to the bone!"

Using Dread Scythe

  • "Be silent!"

Using Cull the Weak

  • "No escape!"

Low health

  • "I do not fear death."


  • "As long as there is life, there will be fear."


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