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Star Sapphire - Love's True Champion
Star Sapphire Character Model
Role Blaster
Universe Prime
Price 4350 Merit or 495 Crisis Coins

Star sapphire glimpse of the predator Star sapphire crystal bomb Star sapphire violet harvest Star sapphire bonds of love Star sapphire manifest


President of an aerospace company, Carol Ferris hired Hal Jordan as a test pilot, and a romance between the two soon blossomed. Their relationship became more complicated when a tribe of aliens called Zamarons crowned Carol as their new Star Sapphire. Initially, the Star Sapphire ring, which allowed her to channel love's power, transformed Carol's feelings for Hal into a murderous jealousy. The couple battled many times, and though each battle ended with Carol losing the ring, it always returned to her later. She eventually learned to temper the ring's influence, and now has such control that she acts as keeper for the Predator entity, the sentient manifestation of love. The Star Sapphire ring gives Carol the ability to fly and create energy constructs. She can also encase enemies in crystalline constructs, trapping them. Finally, the ring gives her the power to reveal and manifest the desires of any person's heart.

Ability Name Ability Description

Glimpse of the Predator
Star sapphire glimpse of the predator

Star Sapphire has the Predator as her companion, and she can control it with her skills. She gains 20 Move Speed when it is attached to her. When it is dashing, it deals Power Damage to enemies it hits.

The Predator automatically blinks back to her if it is too far away.

Dash Damage: 30 / 70 / 110 / 150 + 25% Power Damage

Crystal Bomb
Star sapphire crystal bomb

Star Sapphire creates a crystal at the target location, and the Predator dashes to it. The crystal explodes when the Predator arrives, or after 2s, dealing 25 Power Damage in an area.

Damage: 25 / 55 / 85 / 115 + 25% Power Damage

Cooldown: 4.5 / 4 / 3.5 / 3

Cost: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 Will

Violet Harvest
Star sapphire violet harvest

Star Sapphire creates an area around the Predator that deals Power Damage equal to a percentage of the target's Maximum Health each second for 3s.

The Predator dashes and reattaches to Star Sapphire when this skill is used, unless it is manifested. This damage bonus caps at 280 Power Damage against drones/creatures.

Maximum Damage Per Second: 4% / 5% / 6% / 7% + 1% per 100 Power Damage

Cost: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Will The Predator dashes and reattaches to Star Sapphire when this skill is activated, unless it is manifest.

Bonds of Love
Star sapphire bonds of love

Fires a heart that deals 70 Power Damage to the first enemy hit and the second enemy the heart bonds to. The first and second target can be an enemy, the crystal, or the Predator. Bonded enemies are Revealed and Crippled over the duration.

Use again to Stun enemy targets for 0.8s, and pull them to each other.

Star sapphire manifest

The Predator manifests for 25s, and nearby enemies are Rooted for 1s. It will attack nearby enemies, dealing 60 Attack Damage. Using Manifest against will order the Predator to move or attack specific targets. While manifested, the Predator's dashes deal an extra 15 Power Damage.


  • "Love is beautiful."
    • The Predator: "Love is lethal."


  • "This way."
  • "Love is lethal."
  • "I will find a way."
  • "I'm not here to play."
  • "I can't believe Hal got me into this."

Using Bonds of Love

  • "Stick together."

Defeating enemy champion

  • "This is just the beginning."
  • "The Predator claims you."


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Star Sapphire

Champion Profile Star Sapphire

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