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Stargirl - Cosmic Superstar
Stargirl Character Model 2
Role Blaster
Universe Prime
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Agent stargirl family heirlooms Agent stargirl cosmic blast Agent stargirl shooting stars Agent stargirl gravity well Agent stargirl energy conversion


Unlike other heroes, the event that led to Courtney Whitmore becoming a hero wasn't tragedy. Instead, it was the breakup of her parent's marriage and her mother's remarriage to a man named Pat Dugan. She was miserable in her new life and blamed her stepfather. In Pat's belongings, she stumbled across the gear of the hero, 'The Star-Spangled Kid' and realized that Pat had once been the adult sidekick of a teenage hero. To make a mockery of Pat, she decided to wear that gear to a school dance. However, detecting someone wearing the Kid's gear, one of Kid's old enemies thought someone had taken up as the new Star-Spangled Kid and attacked the dance. Her stepfather came to Courtney's aid in a suit of mechanized battle armor he had been secretly working on and the two defeated this old foe.

Exhilarated by the battle, Courtney decided she wanted to continue on as a hero. Seeing how well she'd handled herself and how it could help them grow closer as father and daughter, Pat agreed. However, there was one condition: He would have to fight alongside her as her guardian. Amused that he would now be her sidekick, Courtney agreed and took on the shorter heroic name, 'Stargirl.'

Courtney Whitmore is an attractive and cheerful teenage girl, adoring the life she leads as a hero. Due to her young age, it is unsurprising that she can sometimes be naive about how the world works. The Cosmic Staff she wields grants her the ability to fly and can manipulate energy on a large scale, creating energy blasts and defensive shields.

Ability Name Ability Description

Family Heirlooms
Agent stargirl family heirlooms

If Stargirl takes no damage for a few seconds, she gains Move Speed until she takes damage. Cosmic Blast deals additional Power Damage equal to a percentage of Current Health over time.

Cosmic Blast
Agent stargirl cosmic blast

Stargirl charges her cosmic staff, then unleashes a line of cosmic energy, dealing Power Damage to all enemies struck.

Shooting Stars
Agent stargirl shooting stars

Stargirl fires a slow Shooting Star at her target, marking them. Then she automatically fires 4 fast Shooting Stars towards the marked target if visible. They deal Power Damage to the first enemy struck.

Gravity Well
Agent stargirl gravity well

Stargirl tosses a gravity well onto the ground. Enemies in the area lose Move Speed and take additional damage from all of Stargirl's skills. These effects linger briefly after exiting the well with the Slow decaying over the duration.

Energy Conversion
Agent stargirl energy conversion

Stargirl resets the cooldown of Family Heirlooms and channels at an enemy Champion. She can move while channeling, but the skill will end if she goes too far. The target is Crippled (cannot use movement skills) and is dealt Power Damage over time. Stargirl converts some of the damage (before armor) into a Shield that lasts for a few seconds after the channel ends.



  • "I've got cosmic power. Time to be a hero."


  • "Can't hold me back."
  • "Nothing's gonna stop me."
  • "You got it."
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Sure thing."
  • "We're gonna have fun."
  • "Making my move."
  • "Sounds like a great idea."
  • "I'm on the way."
  • "Let's start some trouble."

Using Cosmic Blast

  • "Watch this."

Using Shooting Stars

  • "Make a wish."

Using Gravity Well

  • "Not so fast."
  • "Slow down."
  • "You're going nowhere."

Leveling up

  • "I'm getting stronger."

Low health

  • "Might be time to bow out, Courtney."


  • "BRB."
  • "Be right back."

Defeating a champion

  • "Ouch, that looks like it hurt."
  • "You had to be taught a lesson."
  • "Score one for Stargirl."
  • "You crossed the line."
  • "Get used to it, I could do this all day."


  • "I'll make you see stars."


  • "Status update: Saving the multiverse." (takes a selfie)


Champion Profile

Champion Unmasked Stargirl

Champion Unmasked Stargirl

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