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Superman - Man of Steel
Superman infinite crisis character model
Role Bruiser
Universe Prime
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Superman Man of Steel Superman Kyptonian Might Superman Frost Breath Superman Heat Vision Superman Speeding Bullet

The infant Kal-El escaped the destruction of his home planet of Krypton in a ship built by his father, and crashed on Earth, in Kansas. His ship was found by the Kents, a childless couple. They took Kal-El, and gave him the name Clark Kent. The Kents soon discovered that Clark's unique alien physiology granted him tremendous strength and other amazing abilities. Thanks to the guidance of his adoptive Earth parents, and through recordings made by his Kryptonian birth parents, the adult Clark desires nothing more than to use his powers to benefit and inspire others. Superman values honesty and openness and has little patience for schemers and manipulators.

Since he grew up without knowing pain and is nearly invulnerable, Superman can be an intimidating force on the battlefield. He is not above striking fear into his enemies with his abilities. However, if he must choose between winning a battle and compromising what he believes is right, he will always choose to do the right thing.

Ability Name Ability Description

Man of Steel Superman Man of Steel

When Superman deals damage with a skill, he gains a shield that blocks damage for a short time. Each time Superman deals damage with a skill, his shield grows stronger.

Kryptonian Might
Superman Kyptonian Might

Superman's next Basic Attack deals additional Attack Damage and consumes 1 Charge. Charges are generated over time, to a maximum of one Charge. Using this skill resets your basic attack cooldown.

Frost Breath
Superman Frost Breath

Superman unleashes a cone of Frost Breath. Enemies in that cone are dealt Power Damage and lose move speed for a short time. In addition, enemies close to Superman are rooted.

Heat Vision
Superman Heat Vision

Superman fires a blast of Heat Vision at the enemy, dealing Power Damage, knocking them back, and Revealing the target for a short time. During that time, Superman can trigger Heat Vision again, causing him to dash towards the Revealed target, dealing Attack Damage.

Speeding Bullet
Superman Speeding Bullet

Superman flies at an enemy champion, dealing Attack Damage to the first Champion he hits and a smaller amount of damage to other nearby enemies. While in flight, Superman is immune to Disables. Other enemy champions can intercept him before he reaches his target.

Range: 4000 (estimated)



  • "I protect this world and all worlds."

Match start

  • "This is a job for Superman."


  • "Anyone could be a Superman."
  • "We can do this."
  • "Earth is my home."
  • "Trust your gut."
  • "I'm not looking for a fight."
  • "It's about what you do."
  • "Hang in there."
  • "Faster than a speeding bullet."
  • "Daily Planet will love this."
  • "No one dies today."

Leveling up

  • "For truth and justice."

Learning Speeding Bullet

  • "I'm done holding back."

Upon using Speeding Bullet

  • "Up, up, and away!"
  • "Here we go!"

Defeating enemy champion

  • "Can't stop me."
  • "I'll always stop you."
  • "I'm sorry, the stakes are too high."
  • "Do yourself a favor and stay down."

Low health

  • "Can't hold out for long."


  • "The House of El stands united."(near Supergirl)


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Superman

Champion Profile Superman

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