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Zatanna - Showstopper
Zatanna Character Model 2
Role Controller
Universe Prime
Price 4350 Merit or 495 Crisis Coins

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A stage magician with impressive magical powers, Zatanna makes intelligent use of spells to help allies or fight opponents in her crusade against mystic threats.

Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of the late Giovanni Zatara, another famous stage magician with the inherited ability to manipulate magic. Zatanna accesses her almost limitless magic by saying what she wants done backwards. If said too vaguely, however, her spells can result in terrible and unforeseen consequences, and so Zatanna is always careful to avoid unleashing evils greater than those she combats.

Zatanna's magic gives her the versatility to help her allies or harm her foes, and her ultimate can neutralize any threat on the enemy team for a significant period of time.

Ability Name Ability Description

Stage Presence

Zatanna gains Will Regen, and nearby allies gain Power Armor.


Zatanna summons magical swords that deal Power Damage to enemies in the area. It will detonate Punish if it hits a target with the Punish debuff on them.


Friendly Target: Gives the target bonus Move Speed.

Enemy Target: Slows the target enemy.


Friendly Target:Shields the target and, after a short time, heals the target and nearby allies.

Enemy Target: Reduces target healing by 50% and, after a short time, explodes to deal Power Damage to the target and other nearby foes.

Be A Rabbit In My Hat

Zatanna transforms her target into a rabbit for a short time. As a rabbit, the target's Power Armor and Attack Armor are halved and cannot be changed until they transform back. The transformed enemy cannot attack or use Skills, and moves at a greatly reduced speed.


Champion Spotlight

Champion Profile Zatanna-0

Champion Profile Zatanna-0

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